What BDR offers

Brains for Dementia Research provides a range of tissue and data to support your dementia research needs:

  • Post-mortem brain tissue (fixed and frozen)
  • Tissue derivatives (including DNA, RNA and CSF)
  • Stem cells (fibroblast-like and iPSC lines)
  • Neuropathology data
  • Other data (history, cognitive assessments and other clinical information).

All Brains for Dementia Research tissue and stem cells are listed on the UK Brain Banks Network database, however you may find it useful to have a preliminary discussion of requirements by contacting either the Coordinating Centre or one of the brain banks.

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This tissue, material and data are available from people who have had a wide range of conditions that cause dementia including Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia and frontotemporal lobar dementia, as well as controls. All cases and controls will have a standardised set of information including demographic details, past medical and drug history, together with scores for cognitive function, mood and behaviour and activities of daily living.